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PT. Global Haditech incorporated in Jakarta, Indonesia to fulfill any rapid development of diverse modern industry commands an ever-increasing need for industrial plants and success of these industries is highly dependent on cooperation with the right partner for the business.

PT. Global Haditech established since 1995 by a group of engineers who have experience in the various fields of engineering that could support any industrial needs especially on Engineering, Technical Services, Instrument and Industrial Supplies.

Engineering & Technical Service could be provided for the customer whenever any engineering specification need to be done.

Global Haditech organizes to fully Back-up Sales, services of Products as well as Installation on Instrumentation System.

Dealing with Instrumentation System Project, our company is geared up to the full range of Services and Instrumentation works such as: Installation, Engineering work, Calibration, Loop-checking, Start-up, Commisioning and Training.

Our products are world-wide quality as well as competitive product due to we have all the product directly linked from the factory. So if any requirement to select your particular application, we have partner that expert in design and varies application as your need.

The products are below:

SAiMO Belt Scale
SAiMO Mechanical Coal Sampling
SAiMO Conveyor Safety Switch, Run Off Switch, Safety Pull Switch
SAIMO Belt Rip Detector, Motion Monitor
SAiMO Level Control - Point Level : Tilt Switch, Continuous Level, Radar Level
SAIMO Load Cell
Tectron Metal Detector - USA
Master Magnet Magnetic Separator - UK
Walker Magnetic Separator - USA
SODERN - Online Coal Analyzer - France
KOPAR - Smelter Equipment - Finland
IWIS - Precision chain systems for drive and Conveyor applications
Antotechniks - Electric Linear Actuator
Hoffer Flow Control for turbine flow meter and PD Meter ( already approved by MIGAS)
Airtek USA Air dryer for air instrument and pneumatic power.
Hobre Instrument Analyzer - Netherlands
ADESSO VALVE - Netherlands - Globe Valve, Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Subsea Valves. Control Valves etc.

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